About Us

About Tekgenz

Tekgenz is a place where capital and ideas intersect. We are at the cutting edge of innovation, investment and technology. Our passion towards helping start-up community drives us. We are launching the first-of-its-kind “AI Tech Hub” with razor-sharp focus on technologies around AI and Digital. Our objective is to promote entrepreneurs and assist them in their start-up journey from sharpening their pitch deck and business model, through to assisting them in building an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), hence preparing them for the Investor community.


Technical Expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Human Machine Interface
    • AI-driven Digital Experiences
    • AI-driven Data Analytics
  • Decentralized Applications using Hyperledger
  • Cyber Security


  • Workshops and start-up events
  • Talent Nurturing
  • Backing Leaders
  • Promoting Entrepreneurs
  • Sprouting Ideas
  • Partnering (Colleges & Universities)
  • Open Innovation

  • Community Development & Crowdsourcing

  • Joint IP Management

Our Programs

Early Days and
Ideation Stage

Scale-up days

Millionaire’s Club

Targeted & Focused Start-ups

Identifying Early-Stage Start-ups or Compelling Ideas

Our team of experts will keep an eye on upcoming technologies, keeping a close watch on start-ups having promising product(s). We plan to acquire such companies, inject the necessary capital and resources, bring them to a level of sustainability/commercialization and prepare them for acquisition by third parties.

Got a Great Idea?

Phone: 647 889-2470

Email: info@tekgenz.com

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

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