What We Do

Creating A Start-Up Ecosystem
and Centre of Excellence

Planning Strategies

Identify early stage start-ups or compelling ideas

MVP Assistance

Assistance in the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Investor Assistance

Assistance in raising capital and exposing the start-ups to the investors



Mentoring the start-ups throughout their journey, fine tuning the business model and pitch deck


Growth Tracking

Scaling up, creating traction & buzz through marketing, brand development and positioning

Exit Strategies

Develop and execute winning exit strategies

Start-up Ecosystem

Creating a shared development hub in Toronto housing early stage companies to grow and accelerate growth

Centre of Excellence

Creating a Centre of Excellence where new start-up companies can join us while we become a catalyst in their success via nurturing mentorship

The Toronto Edge

Toronto has many of the critical elements to become a major ‘AI’ and ‘Start-up’ capital

Mentorship & Advisory

Seasoned business mentors add unique value and provide perspective for the founders

Acquisition Strategy

Our Passion for Helping Start-Ups Drives Us

Our strategy is to operate on an AcquireAccelerate-Exit philosophy. Our team of experts will keep an eye on upcoming technologies, keeping a close watch on start-ups having promising product(s). 


Got a Great Idea?

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