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The covid crisis has spawned strong demand for businesses and individuals to employ different ways of getting things done without being restricted to corporate office settings. 

What We Do

Development Hub

Creating a shared development hub in Toronto housing early stage companies to grow and accelerate growth.

Mentorship & Advisory

We have access to a wide range of technology partners who can assist in rapid MVP development.

Proprietary Development

We provide further assistance in rapid product development and integration
with access to data insights.

About Us

Our Vision

With a wide pool of resources and investors, our vision is to become a first-line technology incubator and accelerator centre, focusing on early-stage start-ups.

The Toronto Edge

Toronto has many of the critical elements to become a major ‘AI’ and ‘Start-up’ capital


What Differentiates Us


We have access to technology partners for quickly building an MVP. Our mentors can assist with fine tuning the business model.


Got a Great Idea?

Phone: 647 889-2470


Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

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