From June 29-July 3, Seneca College will be hosting its first ever 100% virtual COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon.


Students will work In small teams, and will have the opportunity to create innovative solutions, helping to solve some of the problems businesses are experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus. This Hackathon will showcase excellence and innovation as students demonstrate their entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills in front of industry leaders. Top tier prizes will include cash rewards, paid internships and the opportunity to present their solutions to Bay Street Investors!

Challenge Sets

1. Human Resources

  • Candidate recruiting using AI,Data Science and Gamification.
  • Reference Model for skill using Data Analytics

2. Hospitality and Personal Services

  • Appointment Scheduling for services, order pickups and restaurant seating
  • Application for personal service

3. Health Care

  • Visualize COVID-19 infection spread using Big Data Analytics

4. Accounting and contactless payments

  • Remote application for digital receipts and expense payments

5. Virtual Classroom platforms

  • Create innovative new features to bring online classrooms to the next level

6. Business Resilence

  • What frameworks and tools do businesses need to bring employees back to work safely post Covid-19?

7. Abstract thinking for Covid-19 tech response (Think freely about any type of technical solution to COVID-19 related issues)

Examples for consideration:

  • IoT
  • Medical solutions
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Size mimicking Avatar for online shopping – innovative ways for online shopping
  • Managing staff remotely
  • Automation to help healthcare workers
  • Digital financing

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