A Covid Response

The Covid-19 crisis has spawned strong demand for businesses and individuals to employ different ways of getting things done without being restricted to corporate offices or on-premise business settings.


TEKGENZ is proud to showcase its solution Tech-SOS, a platform that connects Businesses and Young professionals to find innovative solutions to solve the problems faced by businesses, as a result of the Coronavirus.

Seneca’s all virtual COVID-19 Business Response Hackathon, is the best stage to showcase TechSOS, a TEKGENZ initiative, powered by Purple Squirrel Tek.

Connecting Remotely

In times of crisis, opportunities are born and new coping mechanisms accelerate technological evolution.

Steve Singh

TekGenz has a solution that leverages technology to help small and mid-size businesses.

Introducing TechSOS – Powered by Purple Squirrel Tek. TechSOS is a project that matches post secondary students enrolled in tech-themed courses to businesses requiring tech advancement. Professors and Industry experts will serve as technical advisors.

We are in talks with regional Chambers of Commerce to perpetuate this initiative. This model benefits local colleges and businesses within their respective geography.

TechSOS will help in creating jobs and the various jurisdictions will enjoy heightened efficiencies fueled by smart tech.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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